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What is Turn on 28th Street?

Turn on 28th Street Project

Turn on 28th Street is a community planning process designed to inform and guide the redevelopment of the 28th Street corridor between Clyde Park and Burlingame Avenue. The process will study current conditions, analyze challenges and opportunities and develop a series of recommended actions to achieve a more vibrant and prosperous commercial corridor. The planning effort is a vital matter for all Wyoming citizens – all residents, property owners and businesses are encouraged to participate.  

The Challenge of 28th Street

Once the bustling core of commerce in West Michigan, the 28th Street corridor is now imposed with empty storefronts, depressed property values and stagnation. These challenges are compounded by a wide variety of land uses, significant infrastructure needs and a broad range of opinions about how to transform the corridor. Yet these very factors can also lend strength to a process of renewal if they are effectively understood, communicated and incorporated into the solution.  Bringing together the divergent points of view into effective communication that is guided by clear, objective and realistic technical data will be a central part of this effort.

How will the Plan be developed?

The planning process is divided into three phases.  The first phase is a community conditions inventory and analysis, which will assure that the consulting team, the steering committee and the participants have comprehensive and objective information to set the foundation for the work. 

The second phase of our approach will be the public input process, specifically as it relates to long term visioning and the generation of ideas that will eventually guide our design.

The third phase will be based on a series of feedback loops, intended to continue the dialogue achieved in the second phase.  Our process will essentially be represented in the creation of illustrative plans and renderings that capture the information from all of the previous work. The final product will be a comprehensive plan that will aid the city and its citizens in the future revitalization of the 28th Street corridor.  The plan will incorporate designs that are based in the reality of the economic markets and the vision of the citizens and business owners of Wyoming.

How Can I get involved?

The City of Wyoming strongly encourages participation from the public.