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Assessor's Office

Need to make a sound business or personal decision on a property in the City of Wyoming? Contact our Assessor's Office.

We collect, maintain and disburse information on approximately 25,000 real and personal properties, which is organized and analyzed in each year's assessment roll. Business owners, property owners, prospective owners, environmental inspectors, various governmental agencies and numerous others utilize this information to make critical decisions.

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City Assessor

Gene Vogan
City Assessor

City Assessor Services

The City Assessor maintains a database of Wyoming's real and personal property owners, including mailing addresses. We also maintain a file on each real property in Wyoming, including structure photos and drawings, a parcel sketch, a list of building permits and a history of ownership transfers. Properties are appraised using a computer assisted mass appraisal system.  The appraised values are converted to assessments.

We assist owners, real estate brokers, appraisers, and others in their quest for information about properties in Wyoming. Personal property records of businesses are maintained in order to differentiate between buildings owned by one entity operating as one business or leased to various businesses.

We make information available to the public concerning Property Assessments and Property Tax laws. Complaints are addressed year-round concerning assessed and taxable values. We defend the City's valuations before the Michigan Tax Tribunal and assist low-income property owners with poverty applications.

The City Assessor processes transfer instruments and property transfer affidavits when Kent County provides deeds and land contracts indicating a home or business has changed ownership. Homestead affidavits are also processed for owners who occupy their properties, enabling them to receive a property tax reduction.

We assign property addresses in the City of Wyoming and visit properties to review records, as part of our continuous effort to maintain accuracy and keep information current.

Land Division Requests

The Assessor's office processes land division and combination applications.  Land division requests are submitted before sale closings or land transactions, thereby protecting both buyer and seller.  They are reviewed for compliance with State and Local laws before implementation of new legal descriptions, assignment of addresses or issuance of Building Permits.

The State Land Division Act and the City of Wyoming Ordinances require a number of items of compliance before any division of land is recognized in the City.

We have an application request form available that must be filled out completely and filed with a $100 application fee.  This must be done before a formal request is considered.  Usually the Assessing Office, Building Inspections and Planning Departments work with people when they are first considering a division, before the formal application process, to ensure the least amount of difficulties.  Therefore, please contact us with your plan so we can informally review it with you and prevent problems.

Principal Residence Exemptions

Principal residence exemptions from the School Operating Tax are filed with us, reviewed, approved or denied.  Principal residence exemptions are only available for your 'Home' property ...where you reside.

In order to receive this exemption you must 'own and occupy' your home before June 1 for the summer tax bill and November 1 for the winter tax bill.  Ownership and/or possession after this date qualify you for the next tax year, not the current one.  Form(s) should have been available and signed at your House closing, however, if you have questions call (616) 530-7231.

A Request to Rescind form is also available and something you should have completed and filed when you sold your previous home.  Under Michigan Law, you are only entitled to One (1) Principal Residence Exemption on one Home per year.  If the State finds that you have two properties filed as Principal Residence Exemption, you will be paying back taxes on the one you are not entitled to.  This can be quite a financial shock and burden to you in future years, but can be prevented if a rescind form is done at the time of sale.

Assessor's Office
Hours of Operation

City of Wyoming
1155 - 28th Street SW
PO Box 905
Wyoming, MI 49509
Phone: 616.530.7231
Fax: 616.261.7108
Contact: Michele Tabor
E-mail: Assessor's Office

Monday - Thursday
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM