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Proposed Construction Projects

Capital Improvement Program (CIP) 3-year implementation plan

2016 Construction Projects

                28 West Place, Michael Avenue to 28th Street
                InterUrban Trail – Kentwood Trail Connector Project
                InterUrban Trail Rehabilitation Project, 60th Street to 32nd Street
                2016 Federal Resurfacing Project
                                Clyde Park Avenue, Burton Street to 28t Street
                                Clyde Park Avenue, 54th Street to 60th Street
                2016 Wyoming Resurfacing Project
                2016 Watermain Reconstruction Program
                                Buchanan Avenue, 28th Street to 32nd Street
                                1550 44th Street Watermain Realignment
                2016 Sanitary Sewer Reconstruction
                                28th Street, East of Buchanan Ave
                InterUrban Sanitary Construction, 56th Street to 60th Street
                Crack Sealing Program

2017 Construction Projects

                56th Street, Byron Center Avenue to Ivanrest Avenue Improvement Project
                2017 Wyoming Resurfacing Project
                2017 Watermain Reconstruction Program
                                Dehoop Avenue, Burton Street to 28th Street
                                Alger Street, Dehoop Avenue to Newsted Avenue
                                Belfield Street, Cleveland Avenue to Michael Avenue
                Crack Sealing Program

2018 Construction Projects

                2018 Federal Resurfacing Project
                2018 Wyoming Resurfacing Project
                2018 Watermain Reconstruction Program
                                Noel Avenue, Alger Street to 26th Street
                                Longstreet Avenue, Alger Street to 26th Street
                                Wykes Avenue, Noel Avenue to 26th Street
                                Buchanan Avenue, 44th Street to Crown Street
                                Denwood Avenue, Burton Street to South End
                                Wadsworth Street, Division Avenue to Buchanan Avenue
                Crack Sealing Program

Questions about the City of Wyoming street and utility projects can be addressed by calling the Engineering Department at (616) 530-7254.