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Water System

The City of Wyoming is responsible for repairing and maintaining the following water system related items within the City.

Flushing Program / Hydrants

The City of Wyoming cleans approximately half of the public water mains each year. This is accomplished by operating all of the fire hydrants, which flushes out the abutting water main. Whenever possible, prior notification is made to the abutting property occupants. This work is performed at night to avoid inconveniencing residents as much as possible.

Occasionally residents will experience (1) tap water discoloration, which can be resolved by letting the water run for a few minutes until clear and/or (2) lawn damage due to running water, which will be repaired with topsoil and hydro mulch. Additional information is available by contacting the Public Works department at (616) 530-7260.

Locating Services

Information about the location of existing water services is available from the Engineering department.

New Water Mains

For complete information on the design, construction and testing of new water mains, water main extensions or firelines, please contact the Engineering department.

Private Use of Hydrants

The Utility Business office oversees the private use of fire hydrants.

Request for New Service

The City of Wyoming Utility Business office oversees the installation of new water services.

Water Billing and Shut Offs

The Utility Business office handles water billing questions, new owner information and water shut offs.