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Water Plant History

The City of Wyoming began taking its water from a newly constructed Lake Michigan Water Supply System in July 1966. The total cost of the original project amounted to 13.5 million dollars, acquired through the sale of revenue and general obligation bonds and through 15 percent financial participation by Ottawa County. Several wholesale customers now obtain their water supply from the Lake Michigan System.

Design Capacity

The design capacity of the original treatment plant was 32 million gallons per day. Some of the components of the original system, such as the lake intake structure, low service pumping station, 60" low service transmission line to the treatment plant and 26.7 miles of 54" treated water transmission line to the City of Wyoming, were designed for an ultimate capacity of at least 96 million gallons per day due to the relative high cost of duplication. After 1970, the retail and wholesale customers combined water demands during certain periods exceeded the design capacity of the treatment plant.

1973 Expansion for Growing Customer Demands

In February 1973, a construction contract was awarded for the expansion of the low service pumping station and the treatment plant facilities. The Lake Michigan Water Supply System then became capable of delivering at least 64 million gallons per day of treated water to the City and wholesale customers. The cost of the expansion was approximately 6.5 million dollars. The expansion was financed through the sale of revenue bonds by Kent County, plus the same 15 percent financial contribution by Ottawa County. The 1973 expansion to the Lake Michigan Water Supply System represented a major effort toward maintaining a dependable and adequate water supply for its growing customer demands. The design capacity of the expanded plant was anticipated to be adequate until approximately 1985.

1987 Expansion Includes Larger Pumps

Further expansion began in 1987 with the installation of new and larger pumps at the low service station, the water treatment plant and Gezon booster station. Construction of a ten million-gallon storage tank at the Gezon booster station was completed and placed in service in the fall of 1989.

Water Treatment Plant Named to Honor Donald K. Shine

On March 19, 1990, the Wyoming City Council approved a resolution to rename the City of Wyoming's Water Treatment Plant to honor Donald K. Shine, the first Superintendent of the Wyoming Water System.

1990s Improvements & Beyond

Further enhancements have been made to the system throughout the 1990s. A chemical feed system has been added at the low service station to control the infestation of zebra mussels. The completion of the 42" transmission line has provided two means of water transmission to the City of Wyoming. Testing of the treatment plant's equipment for the year 2000 date change (Y2K) has been completed. The process for the design of future expansion to meet the ever-increasing demands has also begun.