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Wyoming Police | IRS Scam
The Wyoming Department of Public Safety has received a handful of calls from residents today explaining they have been called by the IRS and told they are partnering with the Wyoming Police to collect delinquent taxes. This is just a slight tweak to a common and well-known scam. The IRS does not operate that way and neither does the Wyoming Police. If you receive such a call:
* Don't worry, it is a scam
* Tell the caller you are reporting the call to the police and hang up
* Do not give ANY personal information over the phone to anyone whom you do not call
* Do not follow any orders or instructions on how to 'resolve' the issue or pay taxes or fines.
If you are not certain or there is more detail from the call that gives you concern, you can call the Grand Rapids office of the IRS or the Wyoming Police. There is detailed information about this common scam at

Demolition Assistance Available
Are you in need of funds for the demolition of a garage, fence, or other building structure? You may be able to obtain a demolition grant through the City of Wyoming's Community Development Block Grant program.